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Lampshades Matter

Lampshades are often overlooked by Hotel Owners but they matter to your guests

Lampshades are often overlooked by hotel management. Not quite a hard good, not quite a soft good but a dirty, worn and torn lampshade is definitely a turn off to hotel guests. Lampshades are often difficult to clean, and over time may turn dark and dingy from a combination of age and bulb heat.

Hotel owners make big investments in their design schemes creating the perfect balance of style and lighting but over time lampshades do take a bit of a beating especially those next to beds and desks and in common areas.

Your staff may ask you for new shades and whether your lighting scheme is custom or bespoke, shades are not one size fits all. Hardback, Softback, Silk and Pleat style are just a few of the questions that need to be addressed. How does the shade fit the lamp ? European fitter, Uno Fitter , do they need to accommodate an diffuser ?

If you are in need of new shades but the words above make your head spin they should. While we may not think much of a simple shade until we need to replace them there is a lot of specification needed. Many hotel owners send us photos and ask us for replacements for shades that came with the lamps at the time of manufacturing and creating a spec for a shade needs to be exact.

Many times extra shade stock is not purchased or underestimated leaving a hotel manager or owner reaching out for replacements. It is a very common request and by knowing exactly what measurements we need to replace your shades for a one on one replacement helps. Our Lampshade Partner, J Harris and Sons is located in Pittsburgh, PA and offers a wide line of fabrics and hardware options. Working with us at Contract Lighting Sales to make the perfect shade give you peace of mind and we take the guess work out for you.

How to Measure your Lampshade

We have a national sales team and we are happy to help you find just the right replacement shades for your lighting needs.

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